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Selling a service is selling a relationship

When you don’t have a physical product, coming up with ideas for content may be more challenging. This blog covers a range of ideas that will help you come up with content that is professional and relatable. 

If you own a service business, you should definitely try to generate leads from social media. But know this: Your following won’t grow if your posts are all sales pitches. We asked Laura Little, founder of Females in Digital Marketing to share her ideas for building community and relevance on social channels. Little’s recommendation is to nurture authentic connections. 

Grow a lifestyle brand with social media

Little’s fresh idea for solopreneurs is to think about building a lifestyle brand while you shape social interactions. “Being yourself can broaden your customer base,” Little points out, “and lead to more chances of being discovered.” Draw from topics about the area where you live, your niche community, parenting, self-improvement and hobbies. Posts with a personal perspective reveal your personality and make you approachable. 

Lower your guard and keep it real. No one is perfect and honest posts get high engagement because they’re refreshing! Social media posts that get off-script are also more memorable.

On social channels, your fans will likely connect more with who you are than the fine details about your expertise. After all, the buyer is looking for clues that you’re qualified and someone they can work with. 

Be spontaneous

Instagram Stories, TikTok, and LinkedIn and Facebook Live are perfect for sharing what you are experiencing in the moment. Most everyone surfing on social media channels is looking for a mental break…so, satisfy your audience. Sharing your passion and evoking an emotional response is a bold way to grow your presence on social media.

People are fascinated by other people, which is why selfie videos stop others in their tracks. Live video on social gets huge engagement. You may get responses right after you post live so prepare to interact. Turn anyone into a devoted fan with a quick and positive reply. The one-on-one response, “always sparks the relationship because it’s where the bond begins”, says Little. 

Share testimonials, lessons about your work

Obviously, testimonials benefit you because they prove you can do a good job and are valuable. They can also help your business stay top of mind with clients. Share snippets of reviews, positive client interactions, what you learned on the job or pride in your work. Writing about a job you just finished is also an opportunity to thank your client.

Cross-promote on social media to help build your client base

Plugging a colleague or friend in a related business is a great way to expand your network and help others. Be sure to tag these businesses and incorporate their hashtags. 

Business-to-business introductions can lead to mutual posts that connect fans. 

Show what you stand for 

Your small business social media feed is where you can talk about your vision for a better industry, a better personal life, and a better world. Be mindful and show commitment when it comes to high impact issues. Don’t jump on a trending bandwagon unless you have something authentic to say. Be aware that talking about sensitive issues may divide your fan base and once a post is online, it’s hard to take it back.

When your team has a social mission, it gives their work purpose. Demonstrating your values also defines your brand. Posts that have a perspective will draw like minds into your sphere. While lining up a social mission with your business value proposition is a slam dunk, the individual passion and dedication of a team member is also inspiring.

“Consumers are savvy”, says Little. “They want to support a business that aligns to what they are and want to be. There is so much more competition and availability today.”

Stay on top of trending topics of value to your business

Trending topics are an opportunity to offer your insights, opinions and solutions. This means you need to have an ear to the ground so you can join the conversation. That can sound like a lot of work, but it is manageable if you schedule 30 minutes every week at high traffic times. Anyone who makes time to listen, is demonstrating to clients that they are open to growing as a professional. Your reaction to a trending post doesn’t always have to be an answer. A question can be just as valuable for everyone participating. 

When you discover a topic that resonates with you and you want to discuss further, unpack your thoughts on your own business social channels. (Remember to tag sources and authors, no matter their importance or size.) You may come across an essential book, an excellent blog, software that is indispensable, or people you admire from afar. 

Be bold, show people who you are on social media

We are all on a journey through life and sharing something honest along the way will link you to others. In fact, even if someone doesn’t agree or like what you’re posting, they will respect your point of view if you are all in.

Play the long game to develop a fan base organically

Don’t expect instant results, even when your content is exciting and sincere. Consistency is the key to building a reliable presence and growing a following. Social media works over time, not overnight. People need to get to know you and take their time connecting. 

Eventually, the right people will start seeking out your social media content and show you some love.



Laura Little, President of That British Chick Marketing Agency and founder of Females in Digital Marketing

Aileen Ghee, NYWIB Director of Digital Marketing

Macollvie J. Neel, NYWIB Senior Editor

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