Ways to win new clients in consulting

And steps to refresh your client base

Actively maintain and win new clients

Whether you‘re a sole proprietor or working through an agency, you need to continuely sell your services in order to sustain continuous revenue. Here are four steps to follow to keep your business growing.

Step 1: Use a variety of methods to connect with clients

Look for opportunities to introduce yourself to potential clients in a variety of ways:

  • Develop targeted email lists of clients and prospects
  • Consistently engage with new contacts on social media, forums and groups by contributing to the conversation or supporting good ideas
  • Attend or offer to speak at industry events
  • Let your network know about a project you just completed and you’re proud of
  • Publish your thoughts on topics within your area of expertise
  • Offer to write a guest blog

Don’t forget to tap your extended network. Check in with your connections to see if there’s someone they know who you should be introduced to. This shouldn’t always be a LinkedIn ask, make it part of catching up with friends and look to find a personal way to say thanks. Thank you cards never go out of style.

Step 2: Form a community around your business

Establish a channel where clients can interact with you for expertise, advice, and support. Focus on one social media channel, distribute a regular newsletter or create a blog on your existing website. Use your email interactions to ask what clients need your help with. Be sure to add a call-to-action in every blog or social media post to keep the conversation going.

Give back and grow your network by sharing helpful content from other experts that can return the favor.

Step 3: Keep your skills sharp

Keep your edge so clients have more reason to come back to you rather than your competitors. Trends and technology impact all industries so regularly acquiring new skills keeps the quality of your offering and your operations in top form. Watch videos and read articles, blogs and social media to stay on top of what people are talking about in your industry. Is there a certification that you should have under your belt? Don’t make the mistake of learning a broad range of skills and mastering none. Focus on your core expertise.

Step 4: Let others sing your praises

Get in the habit of asking current clients for a testimonial review. Make it easy for them by being specific about what you want them to say about the job you did in one simple sentence. Be sure to provide them with the link so they can execute this favor quickly.

If possible, create a referral program that gives clients incentives for sending prospects your way. This will also help deepen relationships and make it easier for you to return to the well. If you want to give out gifts, make sure they’re not expensive but either useful or fun and say something about your brand or your personality. The holidays are the perfect time to share progress reports along with good cheer.

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