The Transition Network

The Transition Network

TTN is the premier national organization for women over 50 in transition.

We are an inclusive community of professional women, 50 and forward, whose changing life situations lead them to seek new connections, resources and opportunities.  

Through small group interactions, programs and workshops, members inspire and support each other to continue a life of learning, engagement and leadership in the world.  

As a national organization, The Transition Network is a voice for women who continue to change the rules.

• Community and Connection

We foster opportunities to bring women together in mutually supportive communities during times of transition and beyond. We develop group experiences within and outside of TTN to create new and enriching relationships and networks.

• Leadership

We believe in the leadership strengths and capabilities of women. TTN leaders practice collaboration, open communication, and respect for all points of view. We mentor and develop new leaders among our membership, and work on behalf of the greater good for women 50 and forward.

• Lifelong Learning

We actively facilitate the pursuit of learning and discovery for personal growth, professional development, and increased knowledge.  

• Inclusion and Diversity

We invite and welcome women of all backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We thrive by embracing the diversity of our members.

• Impact

We believe in challenging conventional thinking about aging and acknowledge our responsibility to contribute our wisdom, experience, and influence in service to the greater community.

The Transition Network (TNN) is made up of women 50 and forward who are actively exploring new challenges and interests. Members inspire and support each other to continue a life of learning, engagement and leadership in the world.

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