NYWIB website instructions

NYWIB website instructions

How to register and create a personal profile

Go to the “Sign-up to be a member” page under the “Our Community” menu. Becoming a NYWIB member is free.

How to list your business in the NYWIB business directory

  1. Once you are a registered member with a profile, choose “List a business” in the menu pulldown.
  2. Your business location must be in one of the options provided. We are focused on New York City Tri-State area businesses only. Businesses outside of the location options are not eligible to join NYWIB.
  3. You may choose more than one category and/or subcategory for your business. After selecting one option, click the category field and the list will reappear allowing you to choose another option. You may also choose the category “Other” and fill in a description in the open field provided.
  4. Fields with red asterisks have to be filled out.
  5. The web address or URL for your business website and social media accounts must begin with either “http://” or “https://”.
  6. Profile images must be .jpg, .gif, or .png files. The ideal image size is 272 x 150 pixels , or smaller. Select the image you want to use from your computer and click “Open.”
  7. After you click “Create business directory entry”, you will receive a verification email. Check your SPAM folder if you don’t receive it. When all the information is correct, click the link that reads “Click here to verify your email.
  8. Back on the website,
    • Go to “Your personal profile” and choose “Verify” to make the listing appear in the NYWIB Business Directory.
  9. At any point you can update your listing by going to “Your profile”. You can edit with the following controls: “View,” “Edit,” or “Delete”.

How to create a NYWIB job posting

  1. If you don’t already have an account, set one up first “Sign-up to be a member” under the “Our Community” menu.
  2. Once you have an account and you’re logged in, select “Create new job posting” from the menu.
  3. A blank form will appear for you to enter a job description, for example “Part-time Yoga Instructor Needed on Long Island.”
  4. For “Contact Info”, enter the name and email address of the person to be contacted about the opening (it doesn’t have to be you). The email address you provide for your contact will not be visible on our website. Only NYWIB has access to your contact email in order to forward inquiries and applications.
  5. Under Job Details, enter the business name, a full job title, description of the job, and location. When everything looks correct, choose “Create job posting.”
  6. To make edits, go to “Your profile” and click “Edit”. This action will take you back to your job posting form to make the changes. Make your edits and click “Save changes”.
    At any point you can go back to “Your profile” to view your job posting(s) to “View,” “Edit,” or “Delete” any job.
  7. Click verify under “Your profile” to post the job. You will see a message that says the job has been posted. Check the “Job postings” page to check that the listing is on the site.
  8. To delete a posting, go to “Your profile” and under “Manage your job posting” and click the “Delete” link.
  9. Job posting will remain listed on our website for 28 days. You can recreate the job posting again if you need more time.


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