NYWIB website general FAQs

Will the email address and telephone number on my job posting be visible online or made available to directory users?

No, the email address and phone number will not be visible in the directory. NYWIB uses the email address in order to forward you messages from candidates. Someone who responds to your job posting will only see the email address if you reply to the email you receive from the NYWIB system.

What do I do if I don’t get a verification email?

Email delivery is not guaranteed to be instant and may be delayed. Check your bulk/junk folders or promotions/social tabs to see if it was classified and delivered somewhere besides your inbox. If more than a day passes, feel free to contact support for assistance at admin@nywib.org.

Who sees my account profile?

Only you and the site administrators will be able to see your account details.

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

Write to admin@nywib.org to ask the system administrator to make the change.

How do I delete my account?

Write to admin@nywib.org to ask the system administrator to delete your account.

Can I list more than one business?

Yes, you can list as many businesses as you like as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

My business doesn’t fit neatly into one category. What should I do?

When you create or edit a business listing you can select as many categories as you need. You can also select the “Other” category and then add a custom category that is not already in the list.

When I create a business listing it asks for my location but my business location isn’t in the list. What should I do?

Select the location named “Other”. An additional field will appear that will allow you to type in a different location.

I’m creating a business listing and I entered my company’s website, but it won’t let me continue.

What do I need to do differently? The website and social media fields require URLs  that begin with either http:// or “https://”.

I uploaded my company’s logo but only a small part of it is showing. How can I fix this?

The system accepts images in JPG and PNG formats, not PDFs. The ideal size for a logo is 272 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall. The system attempts to resize your logo if it is larger or smaller than the ideal size, but if it is much wider or much taller than the ideal size it will crop your logo.

Try to resize your logo before uploading it so that it fits more closely to the ideal size of 272 x 150 pixels. It will work best if your logo is not wider than 272 pixels AND not taller than 150 pixels.

I want to create a business listing but I don’t have a logo. Can I still list my business?

Yes. If you don’t have a logo then a default image of the NYWIB pinwheel icon will be inserted. You can add a logo later by revisiting the page for your listing and uploading.

How do I remove a business listing from the directory?

Go to “Your profile” from the menu. Find the business listing and click “Delete.”

Why isn’t my business listing showing up in the directory?

Business listings must be verified before they will be added to the directory. There are three ways for you to verify your listing:

  1. Click the “verify” link provided to you in the email that you receive that gives you an opportunity to review the information you entered.
  2.  Click the “verify” link on the “Your Profile” page in the row for your listing.
  3. Navigate to the edit page for your listing and click the “Save and verify” button.

Contact admin@nywib.org if the steps above don’t work.

What kind of jobs can be posted?

We suggest that postings seek specific services such as accountants, consultants, and coaches. Types of employment can be full-time, part-time, remote work, and internship job opportunities.

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