NYWIB basics

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost to join?

Nothing, JOINING NYWIB is absolutely free and anyone can join.

Some of our events charge an entry fee to offset operational costs, while others are free. Our conferences and workshops all provide valuable skills and tips from leaders and experts.

When you have an NYWIB profile, you can also register your business in the NYWIB business directory and take advantage of promoting your business for free.


What is the purpose of the NYWIB business directory?

The directory helps create a network of business relationships between women. SO THEY can easily find each other when they need reliable providers. They can also post requests for help with staffing, resources and opportunities for partnerships or collaborations.

What are the requirements for registering in the directory?

Anyone can register and create a profile. NEW As a member with a registered profile, you will be able contact businesses directly by phone and email.

What are the requirements for registering a business in the directory?

Only businesses that are 51 percent or more owned by women and in business at least one year can be listed in the directory or post job listings. Businesses that don’t meet these criteria may be removed.

Who sees the information in the Directory?

Everyone can see business listings and job postings. But only those registered with profiles in the Directory can see direct contact information.

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