How to create compelling content on social media

Learn Social Media Content Marketing For Gaining Maximum Visibility And Followers

    With 4.7 billion users, social media platforms allow you to promote your business in front of a huge audience.

    Although, success on social media is all about getting people to stop scrolling and engage with your content. And for that, you need more than just creating a lot of content. You must create compelling content that can spark a conversation and attract leads.

    Compelling content can be in any form. It can be images, videos, words, blog posts, PDFs, etc.It’s time for you to evolve to a more creative, engaging, and original level of copywriting to surge ahead of the competition and deliver content that gets your brand noticed and brings measurable results.

    Here are some ideas for creating engaging social media content to stop the scroll and get users’ attention.

    The Roadmap

    The content must be compelling, captivating, exciting, and persuasive to have the highest impact on the audience. So, before you begin, it’s crucial to have a content strategy in place.

    Create a marketing strategy through preparation and careful marketing creativity. Additionally, on social media, you’re fundamentally dealing with human beings; therefore, including social media empathy in digital communication is a must.

    Uncover The Who, Where, What, When, and Why

    The five W’s: Who, Where, When, What, and Why are the elements of information needed to get the full story.

    • Who are you trying to reach/ your target audience
    • Where does the target audience spend their time online
    • When is the best time to reach the target audience
    • What are you offering, and what action do you want them to take
    • Why should they respond to what you are posting or/and offering

    Find What Your Short-Term And Long-Term Goals Are

    Before starting with content creation, get answers to the following questions:

    • What would social media success look like for you? (like what you’re planning to achieve).
    • Is there an action you want people to take immediately? (Try a new service or product).
    • Are you building leadership or/and relationship?
    • Do different social platforms address different goals?

    Get answers to all the questions before setting out to concentrate all your efforts on the areas that will have the most impact on your business.

    Find Out Your Audience

    Knowing your audience will help you find what content and messages people care about. Once you know what to say, a better understanding of your audience will also help set the appropriate tone and voice for your message.

    Find your audience based on their age, passion, interests, what platforms they are most active on, who they currently follow, and what kind of content they like. 

    Work On Bringing More Engagement 

    • Craft content that represents your brand attributes and values. Communicate your brand’s mission and vision clearly with content.
    • Set out a tone/voice that connects with your audience. A distinctive voice will help your brand stand out from the rest of the noise on social media.
    • It’s better to concentrate your efforts on platforms that you are comfortable using so that you can do the best communicating.
    • Think about what kind of content is appropriate for your brand to share. Research well and double-check what you are sharing to ensure it communicates the right message.

    Be More Visual

    People remember visual information 65% longer than text. Images, videos, graphics, and other visual content go directly into long-term memory.

    You can use the fact best by repurposing the most engaging content into infographics, charts, graphs, and social media images. Adding visuals to your social media posts improves engagement and response.  

    Show Reviews And Testimonials

    95% of consumers read reviews before they buy a product. Therefore, never leave your social media accounts out when it comes to sharing testimonials and reviews.

    So, pick your best testimonials and reviews, design them into catchy bites, and craft inspiring captions to go with them.

    Tag Influencers & Bloggers

    Posting inspiring quotes from influencers offers a great way to spark engagement.

    But will posting quotes be enough?

    In a word, No.

    Therefore, credit the influencers you quoted by mentioning them on social media. Work on creating an appealing graphic and tag the influencer to appreciation. It will also help you get the attention of their followers.

    See What Your Competition Is Doing

    Research what your competitors’ content looks like and what engagement it is bringing. This will help you identify what tactics work best for your industry and create a content strategy that can work well for your business.

    Incorporate The Right Hashtags

    Hashtags are the combination of words or phrases preceded by the # symbol. Using the right or industry-specific hashtags will allow users to identify content, themes, brands, trends, and campaigns. They’re immediately searchable on social media as soon as you publish and help make every post more discoverable and make your brand appear in trending topics.

    Be Versatile

    Creating different types of content will keep the audience interested and engaged. Create content that can achieve different goals. You can create content that educates, entertains, inspires, and promotes.

    This is how each content will work:

    • Educational: It will spark curiosity and help readers gain knowledge. You can share tips, FAQs, and Did you know? Questions that revolve around your brand or industry.
    • Entertaining: It will excite your audience and make them stick longer on your social media page.
    • Inspiring: It will impact readers and drive their desire to take action or alter their perspective.
    • Promotional: It will encourage the audience to take the next step. Always remember to add a call to action.

    We hope this article has provided you with some helpful ideas for creating compelling social media content and capturing the audience’s attention. Good luck creating content that can have a stronger impact and help your business grow.



    Payal Gupta, NYWIB’s Editor

    Catherine Ventura, Content and Social Media Strategist; Founder, Venn Diagram.

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