08 June, 2022
3:00 pm
ZOOM Video Conferencing

Do you understand why customers will or won’t buy your product or service?

How certain are you of your assumptions about your customers? Being relevant is the #1 reason people pay attention to what you tell them. If you aren’t touching on what they really care about, you are likely to be disappointed.

Having insight means seeing beyond the obvious. This means having a winning advantage when it comes to pitching, creating your business, delivering a service, and connecting on social media.

Join New York Women in Business and Karen Gershowitz, consultant, author, and marketing strategist with decades of experience, to learn how to use interviews, group discussions and surveys to find out what your business really needs to know.

Hear Natalie Cannestra, a Brooklyn Business & Career Center librarian, tell you about by subscription only databases and trade journals that can help solidify your plans.

This event is sponsored by NYWIB in collaboration with SCORE NYC and the Brooklyn Business & Career Library.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

@3:00-6:00 PM ET

plus Networking post-event 

Via Zoom

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The workshops are $20 each.

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Fireside Chat:  How the right insights can drive business success with Karen Gershowitz, moderated by Petia Abdur-Raazaag, Founder, Stylista Group, and Grow with Google Trainer (3:00-4pm)

Actionable intelligence is all about having insights to guide your business decisions so you are more likely to succeed. It’s about knowing what your customers care about, how they are likely to respond to what you offer them and what the marketplace really wants. Armed with this knowledge, you can make better choices and stay ahead of your competitors.

The workshops (4:00-5:00pm)

These workshops are designed to help you on the way to mastering some critical skills needed to get the insights you need.

Getting insight and feedback from your customers” with Karen Gershowitz, SCORE mentor

There are many ways to ask questions and some are more productive than others. Find out how to frame questions, write an interview guide, and pick the people to ask. This way, you are more likely to get actionable insights instead of answers that simply echo what you want to hear.

How do I assess the potential of my business opportunity?” with Natalie Cannestra, Digital Resources & Training Specialist, Business & Career Center, Brooklyn Public Library

Be amazed by the wealth of free resources and digital databases available to answer your questions about the size of your market potential, where you can find your customers, buyer behaviors by product categories, who your competitors are, and so much more.

About the Speakers

Karen Gershowitz
Karen Gershowitz is an independent marketing strategy and communications consultant, advising U.S. and international clients on marketing and communications strategy, marketing research, new product and service development, service quality evaluation, and business problem solving.

Clients include Fortune 500 financial institutions, technology companies, and service providers as well as not-for-profits in the performing arts, affordable housing, environmental and healthcare sectors.

 Karen is also an accomplished writer, specializing in travel writing and blogging. In 2021, she published a book called Travel Mania: Stories of Wanderlust, the inspiring adventures of a woman passionately committed to travel at a time single women traveling alone were often a rarity. Karen has traveled to more than ninety countries.

Karen is a SCORE marketing mentor.

Natalie Cannestra
Natalie Cannestra is a Librarian and the Digital Skills and Training Specialist for Brooklyn Public Library’s Business and Career Center. Natalie works closely with business owners and participants in BPL’s annual PowerUP! business plan competition, teaching market research concepts and demonstrating BPL’s online resources during classes and one-on-one research appointments.

When not enjoying pursuits as a homebody, Natalie spends her time at NYC’s live music venues. Prior to BPL, Natalie was the Career Librarian at the University of Chicago’s MBA program and served as Assistant Director of the Forbes Information Center.

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