17 June, 2024
6:00 pm

Want to be more effective at networking?

Perception Insights is partnering with NYWIB and We.NYC to bring a different kind of opportunity for women in business in NYC.

Learn how to network more effectively, practice in a safe space and get to meet other women entrepreneurs at the same time.

Part networking, part learning, and part peer support/mastermind

Come along to learn more about how to network effectively – and meet some other inspirational women at the same time!

What is it like?

Informal and professional. Conversations are lightly guided to help us get to know each other. The aim is to build relationships while helping each other improve and grow.

Each session focuses on a different facet of networking.

June 17th – Building Great Relationships #4: Demonstrating your Credibility

In today’s competitive landscape, your ability to build trust and demonstrate expertise is crucial to building trust, forming meaningful connections and advancing your business. Trust is a key component of successful relationships and strongly influenced by our credibility. This session will take a deep dive into how we can demonstrate what our expertise is in the quick fire environment of a networking event, without feeling like we’re showing off!

Join us to learn some tips & tricks to confidently present your skills & expertise in a way that draws people to you instead of putting them off.

July 15: Being Memorable – for all the right reasons!

In crowded market places, making a lasting impression can set you apart and open doors to new opportunities. This month’s session focuses on the essential skills and strategies needed to ensure you leave a positive and memorable mark on everyone you meet. We’ll be looking at what to say to stand out and how to frame it so that you’re always remembered, even when you’re not around.

August 12: Developing your Tagline

Taglines are increasingly common in networking groups these days. Done well, they help to cement our reputation. Done badly, they’re just plain cheesy!

Join us on the August Conversations & Connections call to explore what really sums you & your business up and how to use that to create a compelling networking tagline that effectively communicates who you are and what you do.

September 16: Telling Your Story
Your personal story can be one of the most powerful tools in your networking arsenal. Origin stories – or how you got started doing what you and what drives you to continue – are powerful connectors, and can be highly effective at drawing people to us and our business.

Our September call will take participants through a step by step process to develop their story and refine it for use in the quick fire atmosphere of a networking event.

October 21: Powerful Follow-ups – The Neglected Networking Art
Follow-up 1-1 meetings are crucial for transforming initial connections into meaningful business relationships. Unlock the true potential of your networking efforts with effective follow-ups. Join us for another interactive session that will demonstrate why the real value of networking lies in the follow-up.

Dive into strategies to ensure you stay top-of-mind and turn initial meetings into lasting professional relationships and opportunities.

November 18: Navigating Tricky Networking Situations
Networking can sometimes throw us into tricky situations that test our social skills and adaptability. Join us for a lively session where we’ll explore common networking challenges such as interruptions, difficult personalities, awkward moments & that person who just won’t shut up – and learn practical solutions to handle them with ease and confidence.

This fun session will equip you with some tools to navigate networking nightmares like a pro.

December 16: Asking Different Questions
Elevate your networking game by mastering the art of asking engaging and memorable questions. We’ll have some fun on this last call before the Holidays creating thoughtful and thought-provoking networking questions that help stave off the tedium of the same old conversations.

Join us to explore how to spark meaningful conversations, deepen connections, and leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

What people say about our events

‘Empowering, uplifting, supportive & inspirational’

An amazing and unique experience. Being in a small group made the conversation more interesting and meaningful’

‘This was great – I got the chance to meet & really talk with more people than I normally would’

‘Fabulous. I love the ease of it all. Taking the stress out of networking’

Very thought-provoking, widened the scope of my thinking‘

‘Helped me address situations I didn’t know how to handle‘

‘‘Very collaborative – learned a lot from  the conversations. We talked about things you are struggling with and need help with regardless of your stage of business, non-judgmental, like-minded people with the same mindset”

‘Very productive evening. I made great connections’

‘I loved the event – great questions, relaxed atmosphere, nice women. Will come again!’

The registration is open and attendance is free.


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