21 October, 2024
6:30 pm

Perception Insights is partnering with NYWIB and We.NYC to bring a different kind of opportunity for women in business in NYC.

Learn how to network more effectively, practice in a safe space and get to meet other women entrepreneurs at the same time.

Part networking, part learning, and part peer support/mastermind

What is it like?

Informal and professional. Conversations are lightly guided to help us get to know each other. The aim is to build relationships while helping each other improve and grow.

Each session focuses on a different facet of networking. The topic for this month:

Follow-up 1-1 meetings are crucial for transforming initial connections into meaningful business relationships. Unlock the true potential of your networking efforts with effective follow-ups. Join us for another interactive session that will demonstrate why the real value of networking lies in the follow-up.

Dive into strategies to ensure you stay top-of-mind and turn initial meetings into lasting professional relationships and opportunities.

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