30 March, 2021
10:00 am
ZOOM Video Conferencing

Get Advice on Your Business

Meet with a Certified SCORE mentor before the “Become wildly successful in ecommerce” conference


Double your takeaway from the ecommerce conference

Do you have some specific digital marketing challenges on your mind you’d like to discuss with an experienced SCORE mentor? If you have never worked with a SCORE NYC mentor, take this chance to find out just how much they can help you think through your options.

Sign up for a mentoring session

We have selected five mentors with expertise in digital marketing and ecommerce to work with you. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, pick ONE mentor and ONE time slot when you register.

Each mentor will offer only a limited number of fifteen minute-sessions from 10:00-11:30. When you sign up, be sure to write down the time you chose. If your first choice is no longer available, select another. Our mentors are very experienced and can help a wide range of businesses.

The number of sessions are very limited, please just sign up for ONE slot. Also, be 99% sure you will attend before you do so.  Don’t sign up “just in case” you think you can make it.

Sessions are free but you must sign up now to attend.

Registrations for mentoring close on Friday, March 19.

 Tuesday, March 30 @10-11:45am


You will get the link to your mentoring session in your confirmation email after your register.

$10 donations are welcome but not required. 

Our Certified SCORE Mentors

Jim Alles
Chief executive with e-commerce background and experience; expertise in computer systems and software programs, and web design, specifically for increasing revenues. Expertise in websites, SEO, and social media.

Qianna Smith-Bruneteau
Qianna is an award-winning creative director and digital marketer. Her accolades include a two-time Shorty Award winner, Webby Award nominee, and YouTube Silver Creator Award Recipient. She is the Founder of the American Influencer Council, a not-for-profit membership trade association.

Expert in building brand awareness, influencer marketing, organic and paid social media content strategy across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Tim Contado
Tim is a seasoned marketer with experience in CPG and food products and highly experienced in the impact of strategic pricing on product introductions, sales growth, and sustainable sales management. He was a marketing and sales executive with a cinema advertising company.  Expert also in business management, advertising and marketing strategy, media and entertainment, and new product development. Tim will be giving a workshop on digital marketing at the conference.

Carolyn Katz
Carolyn is the founder of an ePublishing /eCommerce company and a former banker, venture capital investor.  Expert in efficiently launching and scaling tech-enabled companies, strategy and forecasting, and planning for and funding growth.

Chae O’Brien
Chae was formerly a Chief Marketing Officer and is now the founder of Thought Bakery, a digital marketing consultancy for startups looking to scale and small businesses wanting to be more effective in their marketing. Expert in digital marketing and marketing strategy. Chae will be giving a workshop on assessing the success of your marketing at the conference.

You will get the link to your mentoring session in your confirmation email after your register.

$10 donations are welcome but not required. 

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