20 September, 2018
6:00 pm
110 William Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10038

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Is Your Messaging Being Heard and Getting Noticed?

Turn up the intensity of your messaging. Get more impact and results from your marketing, media and communications initiatives.

Join us for an evening of networking and interactive round table discussions that dive into some of the hottest topics on today’s communication landscape. We’ve all heard “content is king” but what kind of content and where’s the kingdom? How and when do you seek media attention? What is personal branding and how can it help you become more successful? What social media platform should you focus on and why? What career alternatives are there to a 9-5 job?

Insights, Insider Tips and Strategies

Each discussion group will be led by two media and communication experts, both with decades of experience in the industry and/or small business. They will answer your questions and work with you directly. Each topic will be repeated twice during the evening allowing you to select the two most relevant to your challenges. Choose from:

Branded Content Strategy

Learn how to develop a powerful content marketing strategy as part of your marketing mix. Influence the way people feel and think about you.

Leaders: Georgia Galanoudis, VP of Strategic Planning, Rauxa & VP of Communications, NYWIC; Joanne Roberts, Co-Founder of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT

Personal Branding

Your resume may be great but do you have a personal brand to set you apart and make you memorable? Learn how to identify your personal brand and harness its power in business, the workplace and ultimately your career.

Leaders: Robyn Hatcher, communication/public speaking expert and author; Nicole McGarrell, Founder, Sunny Day Marketing

Media Relations 101

Public relations can help tell your business’ story, shape your image and ultimately create and drive awareness. Learn how to work with the media and leverage the power of communications to protect, enhance or build your reputation.

Leaders: Liz Castoro, Public Relations Director, Global Communications at MetLife; Alejandra Chaparro, Founder of 17 Entertainment and award-winning journalist.

Social Media

How effectively and efficiently are you leveraging social media in your marketing? Find out about emerging media trends and how to take advantage of them.

Leaders: Liz Kressel, Digital media executive and entrepreneur Managing Director of Lizard Media and Principal for MAG Consulting; Juliana Uribe, Founder and CEO of Movilizatorio.

The Gig Economy

Have you ever thought of having a career outside of the typical 9 to 5 job, of being a freelance consultant or worker in the new “gig economy?” Discover what it takes to thrive in this world.

Leaders: Ramona Cedeno, founder and CEO of FiBrick Financial Services; Jennifer Owens, former editorial director at Working Mother Magazine; founder, Jennwork Consulting, digital strategist for HealthyWomen.org, a leading nonprofit;

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