01 June, 2022
5:30 pm

Dr. Sian L. Beilock, Cognitive Scientist and President of Barnard College shares the psychology of performing at your best.

When the pressure is on, we feel it, and as a result we can sometimes fail to live up to our potential when it matters most. Dr. Sian L. Beilock, Cognitive Scientist & President of Barnard College, is a leading researcher in her field, studying what exactly happens in the brain and body when we find ourselves in a stressful situation.

Join women.nyc and NY Women in Business (NYWIB) for a special virtual presentation and Q+A with President Beilock – a women.nyc advisor – on Wednesday, June 1st at 5:30 PM ET in which she’ll share the psychological tools from her research that will allow you to overcome anxiety and perform at your best.

At this event, you’ll learn:

  • How to perform better under pressure. Whether you’re an entrepreneur preparing for a big pitch meeting, or you’re preparing for a job interview, or anything in between – these are the tips you need to perform at your professional peak!
  • How to better balance the pressures of switching between various roles, especially in light of the pandemic when the boundaries between our personal and professional lives are often blurred.

We hope you can join us for this special virtual event! In the meanwhile, you can see President Beilock’s TED Talk here, “Why we choke under pressure – and how to avoid it”.

Meet Our Speaker:

Sian Leah Beilock currently serves as president of Barnard College. She is raising the College’s eminence in math, science, and technology to parallel its renown in the arts and humanities. 

President Beilock earned her Bachelor of Science in cognitive science from the University of California, San Diego, and doctorates of philosophy in both kinesiology and psychology from Michigan State University.

In her research, Beilock focuses specifically on success in math and science for women and girls, and how performance anxiety can either be exacerbated or alleviated by teachers, parents, and peers. She explores the brain and body factors that influence skill learning and performance, as well as how simple psychological strategies can be used to ensure success in high-stakes situations ranging from test-taking and public speaking to athletics. She has published more than 100 papers and has received funding from the National Science Foundation (including a CAREER award), the Department of Education, and several foundations. 

President Beilock is the author of two books that have been published in more than a dozen languages – the critically acclaimed Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal about Getting It Right When You Have To (2010) and How the Body Knows Its Mind: The Surprising Power of the Physical Environment to Influence How You Think and Feel (2015). Her 2017 TED talk has been viewed over 2.5 million times.

Read more about President Beilock and her work here.

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