26 January, 2021
4:00 pm
ZOOM Video Conferencing



Achieving Goals in Uncertain Times


The idea of setting goals may seem far-fetched when you are facing uncertainty. Yet goals provide direction and a way to measure results and accountability. They anchor our tasks and day-to-day, provide focus and help calm some of the chaos. 

But achieving goals can be hard. And it may require developing new habits, processes, systems and ways of doing things so that you can be more successful and can SCALE.

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Whether you offer products or services, sell direct to consumers or to other businesses, this conference is for you.

Learn how to build resilience into your business and set goals with built-in flexibility and a capacity for adaptation. Learn how to accomplish your objectives in fast-changing and unpredictable environments. Hear about brain hacks that can help rewire your thinking if you have a tendency to procrastinate as a way to put off uncomfortable challenges.


Tuesday, January 26@4-6pm (Day One)

Wednesday, January 27@10-12pm (Day Two)



The Conference

Day One – Keynote and Panel Discussion (Tuesday, January 26 @4-6pm)

Day One kicks off with a keynote address by Malla Haridat, back by popular demand. She will speak about resilience, how to build it into our lives and businesses, and what it takes to success in the face of uncertainty. She will then moderate a panel discussion with four founders of small business owners speak candidly about what they learned in 2020 and how this informed their goals and strategies for 2021.

Day Two – Workshops (Wednesday, January 27 @10-12pm)

Choose between workshops designed to provide you with tools and fresh approaches to help you set and achieve your goals for 2021. They will include 7 Steps For Turning Vision Into Reality; Tips For Financially Successful Pivots; Embracing Flexible Decision Making; Cloning Yourself; and Anatomy for Getting What You Want.

Each group lasts an hour. Get a chance to discuss what you learned on Day One, ask questions of expert speakers and peers, and create a plan and process that works for you in 2021

Don’t miss out. Sign up today.

Day One presentation and panel discussion are FREE, but you must register to attend.

Day Two workshops are $20 each.

Registrations are now open. There will also be free mentoring with SCORE mentors just before the start of Day One. Get more out of the conference by signing up with an experienced mentor.


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