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Build awareness through social media campaigns

We asked Addia Cooper-Henry, founder and creative director of VMGROUPE / LBCVMG, what her recommendations are for new fashion makers starting up. “Any start-up brand needs to have a social media presence”, Cooper-Henry said. “They need to truly understand who they are and who their target audience is to deliver the right message to the audience at the right time.”

Using social media not only allows a brand to produce content, it’s an opportunity to engage with customers through a unique lens. Cooper-Henry said it’s also key for you to be authentic. Sticking to your artistic vision will help you create a lifestyle around your designs. And, Cooper-Henry added, with low-budget shoots and real models being so trendy now, there’s no reason to let a small budget hold you back.

Generate traffic by posting articles on popular fashion blog posts

Even if you’re setting trends rather than following them, it’s important to be aware of what is happening in any industry — especially fashion. Fashion trends move in and out so quickly that if you blink, you might miss them. For example, fast fashion, or the mass production of catwalk trends for cheap, is on a 110% rise.  With these fast-paced changes, it can be daunting to keep up with what is in and what is out. Luckily, many bloggers and fashion sites keep up and publish what’s popular for public consumption. It’s important for you to identify the right customers in the right publications so you can respond and share your thoughts. This kind of engagement will broaden your fan base.

Post videos of fashion shows you’ve organized

Fashion shows promote seasonal collections, increase brand loyalty and press visibility, and they’re a great way to test customer interest.  Many brands have shifted from in-person to virtual fashion shows, which allow customers to see your designs come to life in real-time.

Misha Nonoo launched a line by creating her own “Insta-Show” on Instagram.

Cooper-Henry urges brands to use video because, she said, “Video has the highest engagement when it comes to digital marketing.” She went on to say that social media is about more than posting quotes and still frames. Using video to showcase fashion is essential because of its unique ability to capture clothing in motion.

Email-marketing campaigns

Take your business to the next level by frequently emailing customers with looks and lifestyle tips. Email is an important start-up tool that makes it easy to reach a wide range of buyers and maintain different target lists of customers. Businesses can use email campaigns strategically to promote new styles, popular items and special offers. 

Trunk shows and hosting events

Trunk shows are the estate sales of fashion. They provide potential buyers with a sneak-peek at exclusive collections and the latest designs, before they’re available to the general public. Unique pieces are showcased to target a niche market, which helps to grow a new customer base.

Events motivate sales by giving shoppers exclusive access to pieces at discounted prices and they promote brand loyalty. By testing new and reliable customers, designers are able to learn what items to continue producing and what type of buyer persona they should cater to.

Tapping your network, and local and online communities to increase awareness is also important, Cooper-Henry said, and a way set yourself apart from competitors

Get a rack in-store

If possible, get a local business to sell and promote your brand. Don’t under-estimate the power of getting neighbors behind your efforts. This will help to establish brand recognition and act as a test to determine where your brand fits so you can solidify your niche (small segment of the) market. You’ll also learn a lot about your overall marketing with feedback from practiced sales representatives.

Pop-up shops

Pop-up shops have taken the fashion industry by storm. Brands large and small are taking advantage of this strategy.  For more established small businesses, renting a temporary retail shop in a popular location is a way to attract foot traffic and move inventory. Pop-up shops are also a way to launch new products with artful displays that create an experience of your brand.

Such opportunities to market your product in person only adds to your understanding of how to reach customers and give them what they want.


Madyson Gillanders, NYWIB copywriter
Aileen Ghee, NYWIB Director of Marketing
Macollie J. Neel, Senior Editor

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