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I support clients and companies in upleveling their businesses and their personal lives. I leverage story and science, along with a healthy dose of candor to get my clients to the results they want to cultivate.

I offer both Coaching and Advisory/Consulting Services

In my advisory and consulting practice, I take a transparent and realistic approach. My first hand experience as COO/CSO and VP of Marketing allow me to understand the complexities of implementing change, all while being able and provide a bird’s-eye-view. The ultimate objective: to support my clients in creating cultures and building infrastructures that they are proud of by anticipating and helping them mitigate risks and external obstacles.

Types of Engagements: Team Development, Culture Enhancements, Executive Team Support, Process Improvement, Strategy Creation & Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

In my one on one Coaching practice I take a straight forward and intuitive approach. My job as a coach is to read in between the lines. To hear what is not being said and to help my clients close the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

I use a mix of modalities such as CBT, Mindfulness, traditional coaching principles and a host of communication philosophies to get my clients their desired results.

Topics Include: Executive Presence and Leadership, Personal and Career Transitions, Redefining Success, Personal & Work Satisfaction, Relationships

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Chrisa Z Boyce – CZB Consultancy
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Community - Small Business Resource Center
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