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A day spa operating in the Bronx, NY, which provides healing through our therapeutic services of: massages, facials, body sculpting services, other body anti-aging treatments, as well as, wellness practices.

Our mission statement is: to treat, heal and uplift one’s skin health of communities, through philanthropy to causes regarding child neglect, world hunger, and service and education of skin and wellness care.

Our Vision is: Providing awareness of socio-economic wellness practices, and skincare education, to educate people about: the importance of protecting their skin (which is the largest organ in the body and our body’s first line of defense against pathogenic bacteria). As well as, addressing and finding solutions towards child neglect, world hunger, and the service and education of skin and wellness care.

Scarlet Beauty Bar is a Beauty, Health, & Wellness Luxury spa and we intend on helping families and friends restore their energy, accelerate the skin and body’s healing processes.

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Scarlet Beauty Bar
Beauty & Personal Care
Beauty & Personal Care - Spas
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