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Through my practice, I assist my high-achieving clients in embracing self awareness, wellness, self-care so they can be effective and successful in leadership.

In working with me, I will help you:

Create a tailored, integrated solution around your goals, applicable to your job performance, personal life, or anywhere you could use an infusion of mindfulness.

This looks like:

– diagnosing your chief complaint and building a framework to reach your goals that incorporate practices like:

– meditation
– breathwork
– mindful, science based practices
– yoga

This benefits:

-Your ability to lead in an even, tempered manner, opposed to reacting out of emotion.

– Make clear decisions with perspective.

– Move through stress in a healthy manner.

– Manage mental chatter and lessen distractions.

– Build self awareness, building emotional intelligence.

– Mitigate burn out by taking time to yourself and build a practice that is relaxing and rejuvenating to allow you to slow down and reflect. Integration.

– Establish a new set of self-care habits that brings awareness to your body and its connection to your emotional and mental states, allowing you to perform at a higher level.

– Become aware of how emotions and mental patterns are showing up and affecting your day to day.

I work alongside clients so they learn the tools, refine them and successfully integrate them into their lifestyle, no quick fixes here.

Also working with corporate teams, leading workshops, seminars and deep dives on tangible applications for mindful practices and self care that can be applied simply in the office, virtually, and anywhere. Benefiting your workforce to mitigate burnout, stress and improve overall well-being of the company culture.

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Candescent Healing Arts
Health & Wellness - Yoga & Wellness Coaching
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