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Choreography by Rae is a performing arts & creative arts educational center that has provided self-confidence boosting programming since 2015. Founded by Rae Wilson (aka Ms. Rae) in New York City, as a way to help people of all ages amplify their voice through movement. Our motto is anyone can dance, even if you have 2 left feet. This 100% female-owned, black-owned business is proud to now offer more than dance. Our supportive and inclusive environment now provides students with an opportunity to develop a foundation in:

Art & Art History
Coding & Scratch
Cultural Exposure (Stortyime, Language Classes)
Dance (Ballet Foundation, Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Jazz, K-Pop)
Flexibility & Acro
Imaginative Play through Storytelling
Singing/ Voice/ Rhythm & Music
Virtual Field Trips
Through high interactive student-driven programming we are able to help our students develop leadership and teamwork skills that travel beyond the classroom.

Our Most Popular Programs Include:

Ballet- Ballet provides an important foundation that can be applied to many dance styles. This class encourages fun and personal progress.
Storybook Adventures- it’s storytime but don’t go to sleep! Kiddos bring stories to life by acting it out. Our storytime allows all children to comment on the book and an opportunity for reflection.
Drama- young actors collaborate as they deliver over the top performances. Warning, parents may hear screaming, shouting, our uproarious laughter coming from the room.
Yoga Games- this high energy class invites students to start to build their own Yoga Flow.
Kids Dance Jam- it’s a dance party! Kids will learn a few dance moves, then Ms. Rae takes to the digital “decks” and plays your favorite hits. We’ve had entire families join the party and we love it!
Youth Hip Hop Dance- who needs Tik Toc when you can do the Moonwalk! Parents have been known to sneak in on this class.
Classes are offered as 25 minutes and 55 minutes. We understand that some kids share electronic devices with sibling and having to leave class early can be a bummer.

Our Student-Teacher ratio is low.

For classes ages 4-6 the ratio is usually 12:1.

For classes ages 7-12 the ratio is 16:1

We are always happy to work with families to help siblings stay in the same class or allow children who do not meet the age requirements to change to a class more suitable for their needs.

We love hearing from families who have found our recreational programming fun and helpful to their family.

Kids who experience an improvement in grades at school
Kids who are less depressed or more in control of their anger issues
Kids who have pursued their passion to audition for big-name dance schools or dance companies
Kids who develop healthier organizational habits at home and at school
Choreography by Rae has participated in providing mentoring and work opportunities for young women of color since 2017.

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Choreography by Rae
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