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The Sustainable Stylist Services are designed for a niche male market. Our services are deliverable for men who want to build a wardrobe around style not fashion. We specialize in working with male entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors between the ages of 30-45 who love style, travel, food, sports, health and wellness, asset management, and technology. Clients share what they love about their wardrobes, style goals they would like to achieve, and areas they want to enhance.

Our services include client personal shopping services, opportunities to create ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) looks through our Custom Style Services, wardrobe edits, client engagement through our “Style Innovator” community. All of our services are client driven and supported with high touch customer service.

Clients choose us as their “go to expert” because we teach basic style tips that enhance individual style identities and because we can help them elevate their wardrobes to mirror their undeniable styles!”

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The Sustainable Stylist LLC
Retail & Shopping - Personal Stylist
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