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This foundation is a foundation for arts, faith, and culture, where we also offer faith-based programs for the individual, couples, youth, and families. This foundation addresses different issues and topics within the family, as well as different faiths, cultures, traditions, and the arts. We also offer consultations in relation to the arts, culture, ethics, inter-religious dialogue, the church, and social justice. Grounded in Catholic Social Teaching and Social Justice, we consult with leaders, world leaders, religious leaders, and organizations to create positive change and strive to make a better world for generations to come. Additionally, with our focus on health, well-being, arts, faith, culture, families, and youth, we support a diverse group of people through our consultations, programming, education, and hands-on experience.
We believe faith and the arts both tell a story and express one’s journey and that both faith and the arts cause human flourishing in society and culture. We believe faith and the arts are a way to express one’s inner-self and spirituality. Our foundation promotes health and well-being in arts, faith, and culture through our educational programming, our involvement in arts, faith and culture, as well as the consultations we do. In honor of Mary Francis Grenchus we offer grants and scholarships for upcoming young artists who desire to express themselves through the arts. In honor of Paul Peter Grenchus we also offer grants or scholarships for women interested in a paid leadership position in the Church. With the behind the scenes love and support of a fabulous man, who has inspired me beyond imagining – with his own kindness, compassion, love for music, support of my faith, the ethical treatment of others, as well as his sheer delight in health, wellness, well-being, laughter, and music, I am happy to open this foundation and to bring joy to others through all that is done here.

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The Grenchus Foundation
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