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Brazen Marketer is the brand strategist for established professional service providers, approaching brand using psychology and empathy. Brazen Marketer’s approach attracts more ideal clients to businesses while making it easier for business owners to market their business in a more pulled-together, trustworthy, and established way.

Business owners also receive a Strategy Playbook. The Playbook helps service providers gain more control over how they, and those they work with, bring their brand to life. Because Vanessa Matthew leads Brazen Marketer, her brand strategy guidance is nothing short of remarkable.

Vanessa is the only NYC MWBE-certified black-owned business owner with over 15 years of marketing experience who has been employed as a marketing and communications executive for a decade. She also has her MS in Integrated Marketing from West Virginia University, certified in Media Management by New York University, and has her BS in Political Science from Tufts University.

Paired with her university education, she uses the same best-in-class approaches to brand strategy and market research that she has for Fortune 500 companies such as Chase, P&G, HPE, and more. Marketing and brand leaders also trained her in survey development, ethnography, integrated marketing communications, and design.

As a result, Vanessa delivers clear-cut brand guidance business owners can use to grow a profitable business that makes them proud of themselves, respected by clients, and admired by peers.

Brazen Marketer can assist with website design, social media marketing, and content after developing a brand strategy.

By working with Brazen Marketer, she promises that you will not only be heard but that you will gain peace-of-mind in knowing that you didn’t waste your money on strategy because you would have received the guidance needed to market your business more effectively.

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Brazen Marketer
Business Consulting - Sales & Marketing Planning
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