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With the solar-powered charging bench, communities can display full color advertisements of products, services, and events anywhere people want to be: outdoor malls, traffic hubs, campuses, hospitality spots, parks, sidewalks and boardwalks. Locals and visitors stop by to recharge phones and devices while being updated on public events and business offerings communicated in real-time on the E ink interactive bulletin board. Communities, municipalities, and organizations take advantage of solstreet features in a variety of ways: With a monthly lease, the locality fully controls the lighting schedule, content, and any income from the LED backlit advertising, along with the dynamic content of the E ink screen. solstreet supervises the installation and maintenance. Or solstreet and our partners handle the media sales and the locality gets a significant percentage of revenue generated by the LED backlit advertising and the dynamic content of the E ink screen, with no costs for installation and maintenance.

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Communications - Advertising, Promotion & Public Relations
Communications - Digital Marketing
Other - outdooor furniture
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