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Now, imagine yourself at a wedding, a party or even on a hot date and someone asks you to dance, to show off your moves! How would you feel? Maybe you’re too shy, think you have no rhythm, and you rather not embarrass yourself in front of people.

In NYC alone, there are approximately 305 dance companies that offer beginner classes daily – tens of thousands of New Yorkers want to learn to dance! The problem is that these companies don’t give the skills that beginners need in real-life situations, and instead jump right into a complex choreography. As a result, clients feel uncomfortable and frustrated, seeing everybody else in the class memorize the choreography, and in the process losing their confidence.

Style Your Motion makes people feel the opposite by breaking down movements into simpler steps so that beginners can focus on their style and rhythm. The goal we work towards with clients is their being able to freestyle dance – in other words; moving to almost any song that comes on at a wedding or party. So forget all those dancers who have taken classes for years and focus on you: the person who wants to learn how to freestyle dance and of course look good doing it!

Since opening, Style Your Motion has gotten over 100 clients of which a significant amount are returning clients. They have learned the techniques needed to freestyle dance and find their style in motion. So, what is your style in motion?

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