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Zebra Strategies is a full-service marketing research company that provides everything from recruiting to research analysis and street intercept work. Our database, as well as our website, help us find people you want in your focus group. We have trained moderators in languages ranging from English to Spanish to Chinese, as well as research analysts that are able to not only compile the feedback you need, but to also give various suggestions to help you make the best decisions possible. We also have a team of street interceptors ready and available to interview people in the areas you choose and on the topics you need to know more about. Our intercept work can be done on paper as well as on tablets. If requested, we can also provide analysis of the data gathered during the intercept.

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Zebra Strategies
Business Consulting - Languages, interpreters, Translators
Business Consulting - Sales & Marketing Planning
Communications - Advertising, Promotion & Public Relations
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