2023 List of Celebration Raffle Prizes

Latina entrepreneurs drive economic growth in the US and New York but face challenges and opportunities


Ludwig Pictures
Original lithograph by Katherine Dolby Ludwig

Value: $480

19.5 in x 15.5 in, black tusche on stone, printed on Rives BFK cream paper. Signed and numbered in a limited edition 18 of 20, framed. Title: Flowers in a New York Studio. The series won first prize in lithography at its premiere exhibition in 2021. “I look for the beautiful truth right there in front of me, and manifest this idea in my art. On my website are original oils, acrylics, watercolors, printmaking, ceramics, fashion, and video.” A lovely Christmas and Chanukah gift.

Kezzo Jewelry Sterling Silver Cat Pendant and Chain
Value: $160

Sterling silver and 14kt gold personalized cat pendant. Purr-fect pendant for the cat lover. Our cat is crafted in Sterling Silver and 14kt yellow gold. This kitty wears a collar and an I.D. tag ready to be personalized with one initial. The pendant is 3/4″ long and is secured with an 18″ Sterling silver chain.

Wing Woman Reserve

700 ml single malt whisky scotch

URL: www.wingwomanreserve.com/
Contact: agnes@wingwomanreserve.com

Value: $150

INVERDARACH 700 ml single malt whisky scotch, aged 9 years in sherry casks in Scotland. Notes of almond-studded Christmas cake, light florals, dried apricots and orange peel, sandalwood and tannic tea leaves, leading to a finish with hints of citrus. Created by a woman founder to raise funds to support Unitas, an organization dedicated to stopping trafficking and violence against women.

Patent of Heart Leather Clutch Bag
Value: $145

This premium leather clutch includes hand-embroidery using centuries-old chain stitch techniques with hand-dyed silk yarn. It is the result of a collaboration with gifted women artisans of Lebanon. A percentage of each sale is pledged to a chosen organization that provides scholarships to young women.

OMSutra Shawl and Yoga Bag
Value: $125

The cotton twill yoga bag has a distressed grommet and rivets and zippered inside pocket keep keys and other small items; roomy enough to carry a mat, towels, water bottles, or a change of clothes. The Gayatri Mantra shawl from the holy city of Varanasi, handprinted with the sacred OM symbol.  Items were designed in the US and hand-printed and crafted by artisans in India.

Laura Esco Jewelry
Turquoise necklace
Value: $100

This elegant and versatile necklace features delicately arranged small beads, interspersed with turquoise bars that radiate from the base of the neck to enhance your outfit and add a classy feel to any look. Laura Esco Jewelry was founded by a mother-daughter dynamic duo as a testament to creativity and familial collaboration. The world of beads, gems and mixed materials fuels and rewards both Laura’s creativity and her daughters’ varied interests including (hi)stories – human and natural – and their appreciation for beautiful and well-crafted things. Thus, her wearable art collections were born. Let us adorn you!

A selection of artisan raw honey blends
Value: $100

This selection includes Elderberry Pomegranate Honey, Tropical Paradise Honey and Tupelo Fine Wine Honey. These raw honey blends make versatile drizzles for various foods, fantastic dipping sauces, glazes, and sugar substitutes. These offerings showcase the diverse and exquisite flavors available at BeeFavored Honey Parlor located in New York.  BeeFavored is a culinary haven and a symbol of community integration, proudly owned by a woman. Beyond being a food production and distribution company, we serve as a hub for natural artisan honey blends, spices, sea moss, spicy honey BBQ sauce, jams, and an array of honey-infused products crafted specifically for our target market. 

Sweet Vegan
A box of 15 “Dreamy Bite” truffles


Value: $69.99

Sweet Vegan chocolates are artisanally made: rich, creamy ganache blended with robust flavors such as Energizing Espresso, Luscious Lemon, Midnight Passion, and Spicy Ginger and always dipped in organic dark rich chocolate. As a small woman-owned business based in Harlem, our mission is twofold: Create fantastic chocolate that is allergen-friendly (Dairy, Nut, Soy, Gluten, and Preservative-Free), and to support our local community and empower the next generation.

Handcrafted coffee table tray

Value: $65

A beautiful, handcrafted coffee table tray in faux leather with a floral design. Ameyyaa started as a passion to support the local artisans from small towns and villages in India. The range of products includes home décor and gifting. We are happy to share that only recently, we have delved into event décor and favors. Furthermore, with our expertise in the corporate world, we offer customized and personalized gifting to our corporate clients.

MBur Candle Co

100% beeswax candle in the signature scent, Room Service!


Value: $65

MBur Cancel Co produces luxury hand poured beeswax candles with wood wicks. The company strives to go beyond the flames and create uplifting moods. All of our candles are made from 100% Beeswax , have crackling wooden wicks, and our signature size is 12 oz.

Dal Dottore Gin
A pair of premium small batch gins, 40% ABV


Value: $80

Winner of Gold Award at the 2023 Bartender Spirits Awards

NOSE: As you take in the aroma, your senses are awakened by the vibrant scent of lemon balm dancing playfully with a delicate wisp of juniper. A burst of lime zest follows, tantalizing your nostrils, accompanied by the subtle allure of licorice, fennel, and the earthy essence of orris root.

PALATE: With a velvety mouthfeel, this gin caresses your palate, revealing the full breadth of its flavors. Mid-palate, the refreshing and herbaceous lemon balm takes center stage, leaving a trail of citrusy notes in its wake. As you savor each sip, the lingering finish unveils the harmonious marriage of licorice and coriander, leaving a delightful and memorable impression.

Sustainable necklace and bracelet


Value: $125

Onepiecewear is fashionable and sustainable women’s clothing and accessories. The core of the collection is inspired by the colors and essence of the Amazon rainforest and the importance of the four elements, earth, water, air and fire. We support a program called Amazonia Brazil by donating 1% of our green product sales. We are also supporting women in Northeast Brazil as that is where the clothes are made.

Ella Murray
Lavender sachets


Value: $60

A collection of three heart-shaped lavender sachets. Ella Murray’s heart-shaped sachets are made from an array of eclectic textiles fabrics.

Realm Concept Market
Nano Ionic Facial Steamer and facial roller combo


Value: $50

Elevate your skincare game with the all-new Realm Concept Market Nano Ionic Facial Steamer and facial roller combo! Unleash the power of nano-ionic technology for a spa-worthy glow and embrace the next level in self-care innovation. Your skin deserves the best, and these sleek devices are your secret weapon for radiant success! Realm Concept Market specializes in providing a range of premium products designed to enhance skin, hair, and overall wellness. We also have a collection of beauty tools thoughtfully designed to elevate your self-care routine.

Handcrafted greeting cards

IG: @pcdesignsus

Value: $40

PCDESIGNS has evolved into a vibrant and stylish brand of handcrafted greeting cards. Each card is unique for celebratory occasions such as: Birthday, Christmas, Appreciation, Anniversary and Sympathy. PCDESIGNS also offers customizable greeting card services.

Drunken Fruit
8oz Jar of Drunken Fruit
Contact: renee@drunkenfruit.co
Value: $35

We are a food and beverage lifestyle brand. Real Fruit are aged in a proprietary blend of alcohol; exquisitely versatile and aged to perfection. A dessert, a cocktail, a garnish, an aphrodisiac, a bottle appetizer®, it is a chef’s dream.

City Swag Central
Black New York City tote bag


Value: $35

A sturdy black tote bag with a jumbled design depicting the words “New York City” in white ink. City Swag Central features modern NYC/Brooklyn-based graphics printed on hats, totes, t-shirts, and hoodies.

Handmade slippers with matching mini pillow


Value: $35

Pamper yourself with these handmade slippers and matching mini pillow for those self-care days. Sheknots is a Bronx-base Certified Peer Support Specialist. She believes in the power of crafting to help people cope and ease people’s mental anxiety. She also teaches crochet and knitting as craft coping skills. 

Shalana Essentials
Rosemary Lavender Body Butter & E-Book

Value: $17

Shalana Essentials is a plant-based skincare and wellness product company. They have donated a jar of their Rosemary Lavender Body Butter, which is loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients like Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil and CBD oil, and a copy of the owner’s E-book on fighting inflammation

K’S European Jams
1 jar of French fruit jam

Value: $13

K’s European Jams is a premium line of European-style jams, marmalades and condiments, born in the Old World, re-imagined for today’s tastes.
Founded in 2017 by Katharina Wilson, our gourmet preserves are handcrafted with time-proven techniques and heritage recipes, passed down for generations in Katharina’s German-French family. All-natural and light in sugar, our exceptional small-batch blends preserve the bright and vibrant flavors of each season. From tart to sweet, bold to bright, K’s European Jams let the fruit shine.

Passion Fusion Caribbean Sauces


Value: $15-$20
Passion Fusion is a surprisingly delicious mouthwatering range of West Indian sauces with fruit and garlic flavors. Sleeper hit at the Brooklyn Night Market.


Wellness Coaching & Self-Care Rituals Workbook + Planner


Value: $540

Package includes a Wellness Coaching Session and Self-Care Rituals Workbook + Planner to track your progress and embrace a balanced, vibrant life. SECARI wellness coaching sessions are designed to craft personalized strategies, offer motivational support, and create actionable plans to identify and achieve your health and wellness goals. To help build sustainable habits, this package includes a Self-Care Rituals Workbook + Planner to track your progress and embrace a balanced, vibrant life. Invest in your well-being today!

The Design Impact
2 hours of Feng Shui and/or Interior Design Consulting
Value: $500

Unlock the transformative power of interior design and Feng Shui with this exclusive prize – a personalized two-part virtual consultation. For the first 1-hour consultation, we’ll embark on a discovery call to understand your aspirations. For the second 1-hour consultation, receive expert recommendations on design solutions and/or Feng Shui remedies to create a harmonious space that not only upgrades your home or office but aligns with your life goals, fostering positivity and success.

This event is sponsored by SCORE NYC/NYWIB in collaboration with Stage2StartupsNAWBOThe Transition Network, and Women. NYC

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